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The tangram is originally an ancient Chinese puzzle that has been handed down from generation to generation. Sometimes referred to as the wisdom puzzle, the tangram is made up of seven geometric pieces that are assembled to form new shapes.
tangram ci
Tangram Design Lab. was founded on this very notion of constant evolution based on a deep understanding and creativity that result in new value for the user experience.

Tangram Design Lab. has continued to evolve by building on its wide range of expertise and by constantly aiming for novelty across all types of media.

Our History

From the establishment of Tangram Design Lab. in 2008, Tangram continues to maintain a strong partnership with such leading global companies as Samsung Electronics, Samsung Techwin, Samsung SDS, and Samsung Everland.
It has also successfully launched its own brand, ‘TANGRAM’ both in Korea and around the world and is increasing its reach in the field user experience design.

Our Services

Tangram Design Lab. consists of the VX Design Part which plans and designs user experience, the BX Design Part which develops products based on user experience and the FX Design Part that translates user environment and experience into visuals.

Visual eXperience Design

The Visual Experience Design Part plans and designs information based on the research and analysis of logical user experience.

Futuristic eXperience Design

The Futuristic Experience Design Part plans and designs virtual scenarios based on the analysis of future user environments.

Behavior eXperience Design

The Behavior Experience Design Part designs user-centered products that were inspired by the user’s hidden behavior.
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By communicating with the customer directly through Social Network Services, Tangram Design Lab. is quick to bring you the latest relevant news and a wide variety of related visual content.
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Visual eXperience
Doosan Magazine 'GQ'
iPad Digital Magazine 2011

GQ Korea for the iPad has been developed with Doosan Magazine, the Korean agency that publishes the Korean edition of this trend-setting top class magazine.
While most other domestic digital magazines are simply PDF versions of the hardcopy, the GQ Korea digital magazine offers a whole new experience to the user
It offers a wide variety of content from videos, audios to slide shows along with innovative interactive features that put GQ Korea on the digital map with a unique and distinctive identity.
Samsung Everland
Smart Phone Application 2010

The ‘Everland Guide’ was developed to offer users the opportunity to experience Everland, one of the world’s four major theme parks, in the palm of their hands.
It is a Location-based service (LBS) that gives information on five major features that include, guides to rides, attractions and performances, information on wait time for rides, recommended courses, maps, and ‘My Page’ where you can customize information.

The real-time ride wait time service is one of the most popular services as it allows Everland visitors to enjoy the expansive theme park to the fullest.tity.
Samsung Electronics
E10 & S10 GUI Design 2009

Tangram Design Lab. is working closely with the Samsung Electronics Digital Imaging business division to build brand identities for cameras and camcorders that are being launched by Samsung Electronics.
One of them, the ultra small pocket camcorder HMX-E10 has a full LCD touch screen on the front and although it might not resemble the typical camcorder, it was designed to give the feel of a regular camera when you hold it in your hand.
Meanwhile, the full HD premium camcorder ‘HMX-S16’ was designed with a simple intuitive interface that allows easy access to its wide range of premium functions including 3D motion.
Samsung Techwin
Video Security Software 2009

The EZ Viewer and Hybrid DVR were developed through collaborations with Samsung Techwin.
Preliminary studies on the Central Management System (CMS) interface for security cameras have enabled a comprehensive management of camera channels, while diverse search and play functions have made the devices far more easier to use than ever before.

In addition to this, unique features such as the thumbnail viewer, bookmark search function, the simple interface menu that can be remotely controlled, and the easy backup settings allow the user to set up a stable and secure system for mid-sized to large security environments.
Futuristic eXperience
Samsung Electronics
'Smart Grid' Scenario Film 2010

We created Samsung Smart Grid PR film to evaluate scenarios for Smart Grid system of Samsung Electronics’ own electronic goods, and to be used as an effective PR communication tool. It was also shown at the 2010 G20 Seoul Summit Smart Grid exhibition hall.
The animated 3D PR film presents scenarios of lifestyle enhancement brought by changes in the environment and energy saving electronic goods. The film not only introduces the concepts in an easy and friendly manner, it was also an effective tool in presenting the Samsung’s new vision.
The video was shown at various Smart Grid exhibition halls, and also on EBS’s popular science documentary program ‘Wonderful Science’.
Samsung Electronics
SAIT '2017 Urban Perspectives'
User Scenario Film 2009

Urban Perspectives is a realistic video that shows what the cities we live in will look like with various Samsung technologies in the year of 2017.
The video follows a carefully detailed scenarios ranging from a system that recommend running programs based on the users’ physical condition, faceboard telepresence and virtual information offered on interactive information displays.

When the scenarios are filmed, 3D CG is used to create a video that is as intricate and realistic as some of the best science fiction films around.
Iriver Limited.
CES Exhibition Film 2009

Iriver participated in the 2009 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas, US and unveiled a total of 14 different products including new network devices. At the CES, iriver hosted an exhibition booth where visitors could experience the company’s distinctive concept.
A stylish 3D film that showcased both the unique design concept of iriver and the 14 products developed by Tangram Design Lab was shown on three walls of the booth. This film was a popular attraction at CES.
LG Electronics
Air Sync Film 2009

The user scenario video for LG’s smart wireless service ‘Air Sync’ that lets users seamless sync their mobile phones with their PCs was created by Tangram Design Lab.
‘Air Sync’ allows the user to synchronize data among their mobile phones, PCs, and the web (cloud) and is compatible with all android phones. With this service, users can freely share data and safely save data on either the web server or their PCs.

This video is a user scenario that features the key aspects of ‘Air Sync’ and various examples of daily use, offering users a virtual experience of the system.
Samsung Card
VVIP Card 'RAUME' Film 2009

Tangram has created the teaser film for the VVIP premium credit card ‘Raume’. As ‘Raume’ meaning ‘space’ in German, the film magnificently present Raume’s promise to deliver all the services the customer wants regardless of time and space.
The Raume card offers more than the regular credit card services. It offers a premium concierge service that is tailored to the unique needs of the customer in every way, including limitless credit usage.
Only a selected number of VVIPs can apply for this card and such special privilege with limitless capabilities was communicated through the video with dynamic sounds and 3D effects.
Ssangyong Motors
'Chairman W' 3D Film 2008

A video for the launch of Ssangyong Motors Chairman W in full 3D features impressive incidental music and 3D visuals that convey the car’s premium luxury status.
By using this method, an experience of the car that was more realistic than any actual footage was possible, especially since there were no restrictions in camera angles in expressing the commanding presence of the car.

The video effectively showed that the Chairman W is the exclusive car for people at the top, which is also in line with the car’s brand slogan ‘Korea’s CEO’.

The 3D method was also an effective way to cut costs in producing advertisements.
Behavior eXperience
Smart Dot Laser Pointer
for Smart Phone

The ‘Smart Dot’ project was developed to enter new markets with the aim at delivering new user experiences by reinterpreting an already existing product in the market through true convergence of hardware and software.
By using the free for download ‘Smart Dot App’ for Android and iOS, the actual laser pointer and a virtual mouse pointer on the screen can be shown at the same time. The application is compatible for both Windows PowerPoint and Mac Keynote and makes the presentation environment much easier and more convenient.

By combining a laser pointer and Smart Phone, ‘Smart Dot’ is an exciting new product that allows the use of both a physical and virtual laser pointer simultaneously.
The small cylindrical (8.9mm diameter) ‘Smart Dot’ can be plugged into any 3.5mm audio jack of a Smart Phone. It is designed to be incredibly small, simple to configure and use. In addition, it does not require any separate batteries.
Press Release
Smart Case
for iPhone 4 & 4S

'Smart Case' is different from the average iPhone case. It does more than simply protect and add style.

It was designed with the lifestyle of the user in mind. Its biggest feature is that it lets the user carry up to three credit card.
And it not only carry credit card, it can carry any type of card, be it a membership card, ID card or even a card-type mirror or money clip.
Smart Mount
for iPhone 4 & 4S

Distinguished from other products, this compact, stylish, and uniquely designed product allows for simple installation of a smart phone to a bicycle.
Simply attach the clip into back cover of the Smart Phone and hook it up to the bracket.
It is a highly attractive bike accessory for predominant stylish bike rider who enjoys daily ridings. It looks great even when the smart phone is not attached.
POLE 1.5
Laser Pointer with USB flash drive

Pole 1.5 focuses on user experience of ‘presentations’, which highlights roles and relationship of USB flash drive and laser pointer.
It is also based on user experience. Pole 1.5 is a simple stick that is only 1.5cm wide, yet functions both as a USB flash drive and a laser pointer.

It helps the user conduct presentations efficiently and in style.